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BNMT Nepal is a Nepalese non-governmental organization dedicated towards the improved health and well-being of Nepalese people. BNMT Nepal is registered with the Government of Nepal at Kathmandu CDO and DDC Offices and is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council.

BNMT Nepal envisions a new Nepal where all Nepalese are aware of their basic rights and are able to live healthy and productive lives, in a safe environment without having to worry about food, income or security regardless of their gender, ethnicity, disability or HIV status.


Improved health and wellbeing of Nepalese people.


To ensure equitable access to quality health care and enabling environment for socially and economically disadvantaged people.


Help Improve Maternal Health of Chepang, Nepal

Winter is at the door, and many children and pregnant women of Chapang community will survive without warm cloths and shortage of food. The marginalized indigenous communities have a high prevalence of early marriage and early child birth. Lack of care, nutrition or medical assistance is very common in this communities. By simply distributing the maternal and child care packages and increase awareness on available services can ensure safety and comfort of pregnant women, new mother & newborn.

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DrOTS Project

Drone Optimized Therapy System (DrOTS) is a pilot project that aims to improve case finding by linking community health workers (CHWs) with state of the art diagnostic tools (GeneXpert) via unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) (aka “drones”). The purpose of this project is to assist the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) and National Tuberculosis Center (NTC) by generating the data necessary to assess the suitability of the approach for nationwide expansion. The project began from October 2018 and it’s being implemented in Pyuthan district. Read More

Advancing SRHR of Adolescents of earthquake affected villages of Sindhupalchowk, Nepal: a pilot project

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) is one of the five core pillars under the new five year strategic plan for 2020 - 2025 of BNMT Nepal. 'Advancing SRHR of Adolescent of earthquake affected villages of Sindhupalchowk, Nepal: a pilot project' (MJNE-3BX8-ML) funded by Amplify change, is designed to improve sexual health of young people by improving their knowledge on SRHR and advocating for their rights.  Read More


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