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    • Brief advice to tuberculosis patients in Nepal to stop smoking
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    • Assessing Current Situation of Domestic Violence against Women (DVAW) in Morang District 2009
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    • Situational Analysis of Human Resources for Health (HRH)- In Public and Private sectors in Nepal 2011
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    • Human Resources for Health (HRH) in Nepal - Analysis of policy and practices 2011
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    • Baseline Knowledge Practice and Coverage Survey on ASRH services 2012
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    • Community financing of drug supplies in rural Nepal
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    • Community intervention to promote rational treatment of acute respiratory infection in rural Nepal
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    • Consequences of over-prescribing on the dispensing process in rural Nepal
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    • Cost-sharing Drug Scheme (CSDS)-an experience from Chyangthapu Health Post
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    • DOT for patients with limited access to health care facilities in a hill district of eastern Nepal
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    • Formative research - effective mass media communication and IEC medium on TB-HIV co-infection
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    • Health improvement for disadvantaged people in Nepal - an evaluation
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    • Health in Nepalese media
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    • Improving access to drugs by poor household - Nepal Medical College
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    • Intervention studies on rational use of drugs - Nepal Medical College
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    • Non-adherence to tuberculosis treatment in the eastern Tarai of Nepal
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    • Photo Novella
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    • The effect of user fees on prescribing quality in rural Nepal
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    • Tuberculosis control in remote districts of Nepal comparing patient-responsible short-course chemotherapy with long-course treatment
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