Saturday 7 December, 2019         

A follow up session on psychosocial counseling at Paropakar Orphanage Girls Hostel

On April 11, 2016 our psychosocial team of Ms. Aroja Maskey and Ms.Bibha Dhungel visited Paropakar Orphanage Girls Hostel for follow session on psychosocial counseling as continuation of program initiated under Earthquake response and relief initiatives since May 2015. The session started with a couple of games followed by meditation exercise. Since this was second visit girls were more relaxed and thus opened up easily.

A new student aged 14, who wasn’t present in the last session, was excited to share what she felt. She said, “This session has helped me recognize the power of unity - if we stand together no one can break us. I have also understood that lingering too much in past and stressing too much about future can affect our present; we should focus to live in the present. Besides, I have realized that meditation is an effective way to obtain peace of mind.”

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