Saturday 7 December, 2019         

Art Counseling session in Paropakar Orphanage Girls Hostel in Bhimsenthan, Kathmandu

On April 6, 2016 our psychosocial support team (Ms. Aroja Maskey, Ms. Shikha Khatiwada and Ms. Bibha Dhungel) visited Paropakar Orphanage Girls Hostel to conduct Art counseling to 16 girls of age 9-14 as a continuation of program initiated under Earthquake response and relief initiatives since May 2015.  The session started with relaxation exercise followed by painting on the theme “Who am I?” (with short orientation) and ended with experience-sharing in presence of all. The participants seemed happy and engaged during the entire session.

A fourteen year old student shared her experience, she said, “After this activity I have realized that when your mind is set free, your imagination takes a ride to things you haven’t realized before, it lets you be yourself. This helped me to open up and relax. I was happy that I could express my feelings through art. Before, I had only heard about the word counseling but after today’s session, I have understood the meaning of counseling.

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