Saturday 14 December, 2019         

Art Counselling in Basu Higher Secondary School, Bhaktapur

Basu Higher Secondary School, Bhaktapur (Ward No: 10) was visit by the Psychosocial Team ofBNMT Nepal once again on 23rd February, 2016 for follow up session. We conducted the psychosocial education to 42 students in total (14 female and 28 male).

Art counseling was one part of Psychosocial Education which we conducted among students. We asked them to draw Emotional Wheel (part of Art counseling) regarding various emotions of their life.  They were so glad to share their emotions which they drew to their desk partner.  We concluded the session with writing down their personal emotions of their life so that we will discuss in next session.

Laxmi Koju, a 14 year old girl, who was one of the participant shared, “I recalled all the emotions of my past life and became very emotional as well as relieved to express it. I learnt many new things through this art counseling about my life.”

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