Saturday 16 November, 2019         

Back to Normal Life

Shankar Thapa was living a normal life with his family in Samundratar Nuwakot until the earthquake hit his place. His house collapsed in front of his eyes. With no shelter to live and food to eat, he felt very helpless. As days passed by, he could not carry out his daily chores, take care of his family and slowly distanced from the family. Months passed by, but his condition worsened each day.

BNMT Nepal had given an orientation on psychosocial support services in the community for identification of mental and psychosocial cases. A teacher who participated in the orientation realized that he knew someone with similar mental condition. It was Shankar Thapa. He immediately asked Shankar to visit health post for consultation and also informed BNMT. Seeing Shankar’s condition, the health post referred him to Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu. But the poor family couldn’t afford it. BNMT Nepal came forward to support him financially, bearing all the necessary cost incurred for the treatment including transportation and accommodation. Shankar Thapa was diagnosed with severe depression. He is currently taking medication and recovering back to normal life. After 2 years of earthquake devastation, Shankar Thapa now works in school. He is living happily with his family.

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