Saturday 14 December, 2019         

Conduction of Free Health Camp, Medical Aid and Distribution of Water Purifier Bag for Senior Citizens of Bhaktapur Municipality

On 3rd October, 2015 BNMT organised a free health camp for senior citizen of Bhaktapur Municipality in collaboration with Basu Higher Secondary School and Concern Nepal, Bhaktapur. The programme was organised with formal opening session followed by health camp session. Logistics and venue was provided by Basu Higher Secondary School where Concern Nepal provided lunch for all participated senior citizens including volunteers and medical team. BNMT supported with the medical team, drugs and other equipment.

Two hundred and eighty four (284) senior citizens benefitted from the camp with the free medicine as prescribed along with soap and ORS. Water purifier bags were also distributed to 265 senior citizens during the health camp which was donated by AmeriCares (bag consist of 27 P&G packet for at least one month). Brief description and the demonstration were done regarding the proper use of water purifier bag. All Senior Citizens were very happy to get all those services provided on that day.

Scout students from Basu Higher Secondary School did a tremendous job by assisting senior citizens for translating the language from Newari to Nepali and vice-versa, registration, managing the queue, demonstrating the use of purifier bag and escorting senior citizens from check-up room to medicine distribution room and then to the lunch area.

We would like to thank all the medical team Dr. Komal Thapa Dr. Naresh KC, Ms. Kabita Shrestha, Ms. Samkisha Gautam; teachers, management committee and scout students of Basu Secondary School, Mr. Rameswor Koju of Bhaktapur Municipality for their great effort to make this health camp very successful.


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