Thursday 12 December, 2019         

Follow up Psychosocial Counselling and Supprot Program in Sankhu

On 19th June follow up counselling session was done to 16 inidividuals in Sankhu, Kathamndu. The participants were staffs from Pukulachi Sakhu Health Post, female Community Health Volunteers and some were members of local mothers group. Participants mentioned that they felt happy and bit relax after the last session and hence have been engaging with daily household activities inorder to divert their mind from the chaos. We also introduced various games and interaction session for effective and active participation of the individuals during the entire program. It was noteable that participants were more open and shared more enthusiastically. They also mentioned that they have understood the importance of community support and collective effots however they still seem struggling with the secanario of new construction and coming back to new normal.

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