Friday 13 December, 2019         

Follow Up session at Basu Secondary School

Follow up session was done today 15th March, 2016 in Basu Secondary School, Bhaktapur, (Ward No: 10) by a Psychosocial Team of BNMT where total 42 students were present (Female-13 and Male-29).

We started the session with mindfulness exercise where they felt very relaxed. Since they wanted to know more about the qualities of good friendship in our previous session, today we explained them about good and bad circle of friends in detail. We hope this will help them in future while meeting new people and making friends.

Laxmi Koju, a 15 year old girl, who was one of the student in this session shared, “I was confused in differentiating good and bad friends in my life till today but now I am very much clear about it and I will share this knowledge with my siblings as well”.

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