Saturday 7 December, 2019         

Follow up Session at Shanti Nikunja Higher Secondary School, Maruhiti-20

On May 24, 2016 our team of psychosocial counseling (Ms. Aroja Maskey along with interns Ms. Shraddha Acharya and Mr. Tara Aryal) visited Shanti Nikunja Higher Secondary School, Maruhiti for follow up session as continuation of program initiated under Earthquake Response and Relief Initiative since May 2015. In the session, psychosocial education was provided to 45 students (26 girls and 19 boys) of grade 9 on the topic “Friend Circle”. The session mainly focused on understanding participants’ perception and influence of good/bad behavior, making them aware about steps and phases of healthy relationships and helping them understand their circles so as to make correct decisions in choosing friends. In the end, some of the students raised few questions on biological and mental changes that occur throughout the adolescent period which were addressed by our team.

Overall, the students found the session beneficial and expressed that they would definitely apply the understanding of the session in their future demeanors.

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