Saturday 14 December, 2019         

Followup Counselling in Bal Bikash Secondary School

On 23rd of July 2015, BNMT conducted a Second Follow Up Counselling Session to 19 students of class eight from Bal Bikash Secondary School, Allapot-3 Kathmandu. Based on previous Art Counseling Session, we conducted an orientation class on Emotion Wheel (Sad, Happy, Joyful, Angry, Scared etc.) and Stress Management. All the students interactively participated during the session and majority of them mentioned that they usually felt angry and we dealt on how to better manage their anger.

We also made a “Worry Box” and asked the students to drop their problems which they are currently facing. The team will further assess the problems and conduct follow up sessions likewise. In the meanwhile the team also conducted individual counseling to a student and a teacher from the very school based on the need identified.

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