Thursday 12 December, 2019         

Handing over First-Aid Box to the school in Bhaktapur

On 20th August 2015 a team of BNMT Nepal Mr. Raghu Dhital, Mr. Raju Prajapati, Ms. Saki Thapa and Mr. Dawa Sherpa visited Bhaktapur District and handed over the first aid box to the Principal of Basu Higher Secondary School, Bhaktapur.

The box contained 26 drugs and medical items with a chart explaining the medication procedure. Along with the first aid kit, hygiene kit containing tooth brush, tooth paste and soaps were distributed to more than 100 pre-nursery students. More than 80 adolescent girl students from grade 9 and 10 were provided sanitary napkins and soaps.

During the programme Ms. Saki Thapa briefed about the proper use and disposal of sanitary napkins. Likewise, Mr. Raju Prajapati explained on use and importance of the first aid box.  

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