Thursday 12 December, 2019         

Jagat Sundari Bwone Kuti, Chagal, Kathmandu visit

On 17th February, 2016 Psychosocial Team went for follow up session in Jagat Sundari Bwone Kuti, Chagal, Kathmandu (Ward No: 15). We shared about psychosocial education to 17 students in total (11 female and 6 male).

We tried to clear them about their co-relation, consequences and circumstances in their daily life. They were happy to learn about psychosocial education and hopefully clear about it. We ended the session with deep breathing exercise.

Reeya Shahi, a 14 year old girl, who was one of the student in session shared, “I was not aware about the relationship between emotions, society, and behavior before this session. But through this session, I am aware of it and will share my knowledge with my relatives as well. I felt so relief after doing a deep breathing exercise.”

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