Thursday 12 December, 2019         

MHPSS Orientations to Non-prescribers (FCHVs, HFOMCs, Local/social leaders, teachers) in Dhiyal, Khairang and Tistung VDC

Under, Health Facilities Reconstruction and Health Service Strengthening in Makwanpur District, Nepal, One day MHPSS orientation programs were conducted for FCHVs, HFOMCs, Local/social leaders and teachers. The sessions focused on identification of psychosocial problems and reporting and referral of mental and psychosocial cases seen in the communities. 

Also, for the purpose of covering all beneficiaries, there will be 3 events held for this orientation in each of the intervention VDCs in the district.




Number of participants


7th March

Dhiyal HP

Total – 22, Female – 12, Male – 10


20th March

Khairang HP

Total – 12, Female – 10, Male – 2


4th March

Tistung HP

Total – 22, Female – 12, Male – 10

20th March

Tistung HP

Total – 19, Female – 12, Male – 7


 MHPSS Orientation in Dhiyal  MHPSS Orientation in  Khairang
 MHPSS Orientation in  Tistung
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