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National Tuberculosis Program - Eastern Development Region

As of March 2017, the following activities have been accomplished in the eastern Development Region:

  • Regional Planning/Sharing Meeting on 20th Feb 2017 with RHD, RTLO, Save the Children and BNMT staffs.
  • Pre-planning and coordination meeting from 1st to 11th March 2017 with D/PHO, RTLO, DTLO and BNMT staffs.
  • Total 6 numbers of one-day district wise planning and sharing workshops conducted on various dates from 6th to 14th March with D/PHO, RTLO, DTLO, District Supervisor and BNMT staffs.
  • District level stakeholder’s coordination and collaboration meetingon 22nd February 2017with NATA, Biratnagar.
  • TB orientation to school health teachers conducted in Jhapaon 15th March for 20 participants focusing on NTP, NSP,Tuberculosis, BNMT project and its working modality;also developed an action plan for school children orientation.
  • Joint monitoring and supportive supervision visit from 1st to 15th March 2017 lead by Regional TB/Leprosy focal person to 7 intervention districts.

During this period, the project successfully detected 6 new cases in hard to reach population in terai districts by establishing sputum courier system to Microscopic centres.


Planning and sharing workshop at
Morang district
RTLO, Mr Dhruba Uraw during the planning
workshop at Morang
Pre-Planning meeting with DPHO
team at Udayapur
Regional level planning and sharing meeting
with RHD team and SCI representatives
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