Wednesday 18 September, 2019         

New Beginning

Shrijana Tamang (14, name changed) often fainted at school. They took her to the doctor. But her medical reports were normal. So, her parents took her to the traditional healers. Still, her problem remained unsolved. She missed lots of her classes in school. One day her teacher asked her to meet a psychologist she knew from a project of BNMT Nepal.

Shrijana being shy by nature, it took fourteen sessions for her to open up with our counselor. "I still remember; it was night and I was attending a death ritual of my relative. It was my first time. There were sounds of musical instruments. My relative was being cremated. I felt very uncomfortable." With an eye full of tears she continued, "I wanted to control my emotions and seek a way out but fell unconscious. It was a dreadful scene on the spot.”

“I want to get myself cured. Please help me out.” She expressed her desire to get rid of the problem she was facing.

Shrijana eased up in Client-Centered Therapy. Complementing this, the Progressive Muscles Relaxation Technique (PMRT) and deep breathing exercises helped her to relax. Different self-care methods gave her positive directions to solve her problem.

Today she is happy, as her thoughts are positive towards life. Her self-confidence has improved. She is more open now and shares feeling with her friends and family.

"No matter what problems occur, I will face it, not fear it." Shrijana smiles.

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