Sunday 8 December, 2019         

Psychological Education at Community Urban Health Clinic in Manohara, Kathmandu

On April 7, 2016 Psychosocial counseling was conducted in Saamudayik Sahari Swastha Clinic (Community Urban Health Clinic) Manohara, Kathmandu to 16 FCHVs (Female Community Health Volunteers) by our psychosocial support team (Ms. Aroja Maskey, Ms. Shikha Khatiwada and Ms. Bibha Dhungel) as a continuation of program initiated under Earthquake response and relief initiatives since May 2015. The session started with game of mindfulness followed by psychosocial education. Despite fatigue from the day’s work, FCHVs actively contributed throughout the session as they found it interesting and stress-relieving.

A participant shared her experience, “I found this session really refreshing. This interaction filled with laughter worked as medicine for us, as we face stressful situations every day. I believe having a counseling session once in a while will definitely drive us towards positive thinking. I feel inspired to teach this to others as well. Please do come and visit us again.”


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