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Psychosocial Counselling in Bal Bikas Secondary School in Alapot - 3

On April 25, 2016 our team of psychosocial Counselors (Aroja Maskey, Shikha Khatiwada and Bibha Dhungel) visited Bal Bikas Secondary School in Alapot-3 to conduct psychosocial counseling to 18 students (10 girls and 8 boys) of grade 6 and 7 as continuation of program initiated under Earthquake response and relief initiatives since May 2015. The session started with introduction of the participants followed by Art counseling on goal setting. Both male and female participants actively participated in the session.

A boy of 14 said, “Today I learned to play through art which gave me valuable insights on what I want to do in my life. In fact, while drawing I realized that my deep interest is in playing drum, now I think I will make my career in this.  

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