Thursday 12 December, 2019         

Psychosocial Counselling Need Assessment for the Langtang Disaster Survivours

On 10th August 2015, Two members from Psychosocial Team-Ms. Saki Thapa and Ms. Soma Rai did a quick assessment on the need of psychosocial counselling inside Yellow Gumba, Namgyal Chowk – Balaju, where one of the camps is set for IDP of Langtang disaster survivors. There were 116 families living together where 60 to 70 are female and all the children have been kept in a hostel.   

During interaction with affected individuals in the camp, they witnessed worry, fear and anxiety among survivors especially among women.  Men and women complained of physical symptoms such as inability to sleep, lethargy, back pain etc.  Men stating that they are angry and feel powerless to protect and care for their families and no psychosocial support were provided to any of them. People are getting relief materials but no emotional support and mental health assistance to help them increase their resilient and regain control of their lives. They said they are scared and sad of losing their family, belongings and, home.

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