Monday 9 December, 2019         

Psychosocial Education in Shanti Nikunja School, Maruhiti, Kathmandu

BNMT Psychosocial Team visited Shanti Nikunja School, Maruhiti, Kathmandu, on January 19, 2016 where total 36 students ( 23 female and 13 male) were attended.

Students were taught about Psychosocial Education with Progressive Muscles Relaxation Exercise. They were very much eager and excited to learn as this activity was very new to them. Few students shared, as they were slowly trying to move on to their new normal life after the massive earthquake, their community is again scared of the recent earthquake news all over the media. After the session, students were aware about the consequences and relationship between their mind, behavior and society. They expressed that they felt more relaxed and calm after the relaxation exercise and they will apply it in their daily life. They also assured, they would share this knowledge with their friends, family and community.

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