Saturday 14 December, 2019         

Psychosocial Team visited Jagat Sundari Bwone Kuti for Follow-up session

On 5th February, 2016 Psychosocial Team went for follow up session in Jagat Sundari Bwone Kuti, Chagal, Kathmandu (Ward No: 15) for art counseling. There were total 17 students (12 female and 5 male).

The art counseling was regarding ‘Emotional Wheel’. We made the students drew various emotions like anger, love, hate, surprise, happy, sad etc. and asked them to rate in each and every emotion. They shared about their fear of earthquake and expressed the important role their friends and family plays in their life and how they are attached with them. Similarly, in the second session, we introduced an activity called ‘Worry Box’ where they had to write their problems in a small note and put it inside the worry box and explained that we will be conducting the next session according to it. We noticed that most of the students who had low and high emotions wanted to balance their emotions to live a stress free life.


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