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Tent Distribution and Installation in Yonsikhel, Bhaktapur

On 3rd September 2015, BNMT team handed over one set of 8 man tent to Ms Sona Deula (24) a mother of 8th month’s old baby, who has been living in Yosinkhel (Bhaktapur municipality 11) IDP Camp since the earthquake first hit in Nepal.

Her family requested the team to help with the installation of the provided tent. As per their request, BNMT team visited them again on 13th September, 2015 to install it. Team assisted Ms. Jyoti Deula's family (a mother of twin babies who was also provided with the tent by Dr Gillian Holdsworth and a team on their visit to IDP camp on 27/08/2015) as well along with Ms Sona Deula’s family to fix the provided tent.

Both families were very happy and thanked BNMT team for their generous support.

Dr Gillian and team visited IDP Camp in Yonsikhel to handover tent and blankets to the mother of twin babies Ms Jyoti Deula

BNMT team helping Ms Jyoti Deula’s family to set up the provided tent.

Representatives of BNMT handed over tent to Ms Sona Deula, a mother of 8 months old baby

BNMT team busy on fixing the tent along with family member of Ms. Sona Deula

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