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WASH Orientation for Non-prescribers in Dhiyal, Tistung, Nibuwatar, Makwanpurgadhi, Basamadi and Phakhel VDC

Continuing the project, “Health Facilities Reconstruction and Health Service Strengthening in Makwanpur District, Nepal”, One day orientation for Non-prescribers were conducted in Dhiyal, Tistung, Nibuwatar, Makwanpurgadhi, Basamadi and Phakhel VDC. The orientation had sessions on safe water and total sanitation, water borne diseases and their preventive measures; hand washing practices; techniques of water purification; promotion of healthy behaviour; household and health care waste management; environmental sanitation and community awareness for proper use of toilet. The details are given below:




No. of participants


30th March

Dhiyal HP

Total – 21
Female – 13, Male - 8


9th April

Tistung HP

Total – 18
Female – 16, Male - 2


10th April

Nibuwatar HP

Total – 23
Female – 20, Male - 3


10th April

Makwanpurgadhi HP

Total – 22
Female – 19, Male - 3


10th April

Basamadi HP

Total – 9
Female – 9, Male - 0


11th April

Phakhel HP

Total – 8
Female – 8, Male - 0


 WASH orientation in Dhiyal  WASH orientation in Phakhel
 WASH orientation in Makwanpurgadhi
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