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If you are a graduate or undergraduate student at a University and plan to complete your thesis or research study on themes specific to BNMT work in Nepal (mainly TB control and prevention, TB/HIV, Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health, Human Resources for Health, Climate Change and Health, Livelihoods and related areas), please contact the Human Resources and Administration Unit at: with an inquiry, your CV and an abstract of your proposed research/thesis title.

As required, BNMT Nepal will provide support in managing the administrative issues related to your research mainly in ethical clearance and permission, translation and transcription as well as lodging and travel. However please note that you will be expected to reimburse these costs to BNMT Nepal upon completion of your work in Nepal.

We welcome medical doctors and public health professionals taking a break from work to join us as volunteers.  Please contact the Human Resources and Administration Unit at: with a brief CV and an inquiry clearly outlining your expectations.

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