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BNMT Nepal

Birat Nepal Medical Trust (BNMT Nepal) is a Nepalese non-governmental organisation dedicated towards the improved health and well-being of Nepalese people. BNMT Nepal envisions a new Nepal where all Nepalese are aware of their basic rights and are able to live healthy and productive lives, in a safe environment without having to worry about food, income or security regardless of their gender, ethnicity, disability or HIV status.

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Accelerating the Elimination of Infectious Diseases

Strengthening Health Systems

Improving Mental and Adolescent Health

Generating Evidence to Inform Policy

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Building Resilient Prosperous Communities


Stigma Animation Video
Stigma counselling and mutual support groups have been shown to enable and empower people with TB to reduce self-stigma and anticipated stigma. The video focuses on the examples of stigma, including the ways to combat the stigma. They are then encouraged to speak (or share their stories) about how they felt about having TB, discuss about TB related stigma and the ways to combat it.



Should all pregnant women take calcium supplements in Nepal? GRADE evidence to policy assessment

Khem Narayan Pokhrel, Saki Thapa, Paul Garner, Maxine Caws, Raghu Dhital, Suman Chandra Gurung, Tilly Fox & Samjhana Shrestha


Background:The WHO recommends oral calcium supplementation (1.5–2.0 g) in pregnant women to reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia living in areas with low dietary calcium intake. Although maternal mortality is high in Nepal and eclampsia causes at least 20% of maternal deaths, implementing WHO recommendations would be a major undertaking.


Lead Like a Woman Conference

World TB Day 2022

Tuberculosis is a major public health problem in Nepal. Awareness about TB among public is crucial to eliminate this killer disease. This World TB day, we present a poem on TB by one of our interns Bigyan Subedi, with an aim of creating public awareness on TB, its prevention and treatment.

TB is one of the top infectious killers worldwide. This World TB Day 2022, the theme is "Invest to End TB. Save lives." Let's hear from BNMT team about things that should be invested in, in order to accelerate TB response efforts for its elimination.

Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Health and Wellbeing for Nepal

Birat Nepal Medical Trust (BNMT) continues to work passionately to improve health, wellbeing and opportunities for all Nepali people and to build resilient national capacity to respond to emergencies.

Our strategic plan for 2020-2025 reflects our ambition to see a Nepal where all Nepalis have equal access to high quality health, education, and sustainable livelihoods in a peaceful and just society.

COVID-19 response

Prevention of COVID19 is it’s best medicine. Here is a short animation story of a coronavirus who is very eager to infect a family. Will it be successful? Watch to know!

Give attention to mental health this pandemic season, here are some ways to improve our mental well-being.

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Annual Report 2021/2022

Check out our latest Annual Report and learn more about our activities towards improving health and well being of Nepalese people.

Annual Report

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