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News & Events

Commemoration of World TB Day 2022

BNMT Nepal commemorated World TB Day 2022 on March 24, reflecting on this year’s theme “Invest to End TB. Save Lives.” BNMT team both at central and district levels acknowledged this day by conducting various TB awareness activities in the district level and central level in coordination with government, and with the use of social media.

At the central level, BNMT supported press conference organized by National Tuberculosis Control Center (NTCC). Also, central staff on behalf of the whole BNMT team presented a stall in the vicinity of the NTCC along with other development partners.

Similarly, social media tiles of stakeholders perception statements were developed focusing on this year’s theme, about the things that to be invested in, in order to accelerate TB response efforts for its elimination. A short video montage of BNMT members reflecting on the same was also developed and shared in the social media. Moreover, beautiful poem with TB messages prepared by our talented intern Bigyan Subedi, was also shared on our social media accounts as a part of our response to end TB.

At the district level, different rallies were organized in Makwanpur, Morang, Mahottari and Pyuthan district as the public awareness campaign with banners and placards showcasing this year’s theme. In Pyuthan district, the rally had students taking part with their faces painted with TB messages. Additionally, the drone was utilized to exhibit a banner in solidarity to make a TB-free world. Similarly, in Chitwan district, a role play was performed by BNMT district team to raise awareness of TB among the community people. Meanwhile, in Bardiya district, several interesting activities were conducted such as, nutritional support to the patients, rally by the Female Community Health Volunteers, and a special ‘Tharu’ cultural dance with lyrics on TB messages. Furthermore, TB Scientist Andy Ramsay from St Andrews University Medical School, Scotland visited health post in Baniyabhar, Bardiya and interacted with the staff along with examining the functionality of microscopes for improving their efficiencies. In Banke district, nutritional package was distributed to MDR patients. And, in Morang district, blood donation was organized with involvement of local government and BNMT partner, NATA.

The events of the districts were extensively covered by our social media throughout the day.

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