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Past Projects

Past Projects

Technical Integration Coverage and Access (TICA)

Study on Effectiveness of Integration of Family Planning into Agriculture and Economic Empowerment Program for Access and Coverage

The Government of Nepal’s (GoN) Nepal Health Sector Programme II (NHSP II) 2010 -2015 indicates that family planning (FP) is a high priority and has set the objective to gradually reduce the population growth rate; satisfy demand for high quality services; and reduce unmet need. Significant progress in this aspect has been achieved in recent years and there has been a notable decline in the contraceptive prevalence rate for modern FP methods in the country between 2006 and 2011 at 44% and 43% respectively. In some of the districts in Nepal, CPR is even lower than 30.0%. However there is still a long way to reach MDG Goal of 67% by 2015 (NDHS 2006, NDHS 2011). Family Planning (FP) therefore has been declared as a priority program of the Government of Nepal.

One of the various interventions being implemented in Nepal is the Integration of Family Planning into Agriculture and Economic Empowerment Program for Access and Coverage project. This intervention seeks to assess the effectiveness of FP interventions when paired with agriculture and economic empowerment interventions and to assess the impact of economic empowerment programs when paired with family planning. BNMT Nepal is conducting a Pre and Post intervention study of the above mentioned ADRA/TICA project.

The study is being conducted at five Village Development Committees (VDCs) in each of the three districts where Develop Local Economy to Eradicate Poverty (DEEP) is implemented. The first district is Palpa, a mid-hill district of Western Nepal with total population of 261,180 (male: 115,840; female: 145,340). The contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) of this district is 35.3%; which is slightly higher than the average regional CPR of 31%. The second district is Rupandehi, a Terai district with population of 880,196 (male: 432,193; female: 448,003). The CPR of this district is 31.6%.  The third district is Kapilvastu a Terai district with total population of 571,936 (male: 285,599; female: 286,337). The CPR of this district is 33.4% (DoHS 2010/11).

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