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Advancing Sexual Reproductive and Health and Rights of Adolescents of Earthquake Affected Villages of Sindhupalchowk, Nepal


Comprehensive Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) is an essential component of any healthy society. For maintaining good sexual and reproductive health, people need awareness and care on their sexual and reproductive health and access to accurate information on SRHR. In many communities of Nepal, open discussion and access to information on sexual issues, particularly for adolescents, is still restricted by conservative traditions and attitudes.

‘Advancing sexual and reproductive and health and rights of adolescents of earthquake affected villages of Sindhupalchowk, Nepal’ project aims to improve sexual health of young people by improving their knowledge on SRHR and advocating for their rights through capacity building of local civil society organizations for increased accountability, improving knowledge of teachers, students and parents on comprehensive SRHR and its inter-linkage with mental health, improving communications between parents and adolescents on SRHR and identifying and advocating for curricula gap on CSE by engaging different stakeholders in a dialogue.

Target Groups and Beneficiaries

Total Population Coverage: 28,544
Beneficiaries: Adolescent girls and boys, parents, teachers, community/social leaders, female community health volunteers, out of school children, government stakeholders

Project Location

Project Location

Partners Involved

  • Community Development and Environment Conservation Forum
  • Indrawati community Service Center
  • Sindhu Punarjaagaran Sangh
  • Nepal Government

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