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TB detection through School Health Intervention

TB detection through School Health Intervention

TB detection through School Health Intervention

Gautam Sunar (70, Banke) had history of persistent cough, fever, night sweats and weight loss since ages. Due to poverty, he was unable to afford the healthcare services. But, his health condition was worsening day by day because of continuous cough and gradual anorexia. He felt helpless and awaited death.

One day, a student named Sriti Chand-Thakuri visited his house and advised him to check his sputum sample in Khajura PHC. She provided him a pamphlet and referral slip with sign and symptom of tuberculosis. He was surprised by this, as nobody from his family had ever advised him to seek health care advice in that PHC. This is because they lacked knowledge about the availability of TB diagnostic and treatment center at Khajura PHC, a Government health institution, situated a bit far from his residence.

Sriti had learnt about Tuberculosis from the Tuberculosis orientation program conducted by BNMT Nepal (in coordination with DHO Banke) for students of grade 8, 9 and 10 of Gyanodaya Madhyamik Vidhyalaya, Khajura.

Mr. Sunar, one of the presumptive cases, was diagnosed with tuberculosis through microscopic examination of the sputum sample at Khajura PHC-DOTS center. In the counseling session after the microscopic examination, it was gathered that he had already treated TB ten years back. Seeing this, he was immediately enrolled for the treatment. Also, based on the history, he was advised to test his sputum sample for MTB/RR by Gene X-pert machine at Nepalgunj Medical College.

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