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Dr. Neshan Rai

Dr. Neshan Rai

Dr. Neshan Rai

I was a recent MPH graduate with some experience in clinical practice and none in public health sector when I joined BNMT for their internship program. Getting started in a work environment that was different from what I was used to was a daunting task for me. However, I soon realized that I had been worried for nothing. From the very first day the staff at BNMT Nepal treated me with such compassion and acceptance that it really took me by surprise at how fast my time there had gone by.

BNMT’s IMPACT TB program has shown an impressive resulting finding and treating active TB cases in Nepal. It was a great opportunity to be able to learn from the team that is making it happen. Besides this, I was actively involved in field activities. One memorable activity I have is of filming for a project. Our team along with the actors and camera crew went around Kathmandu looking for the best spots to film. That was a fun and a new experience for me.

I was also fortunate enough to attend training and workshop on research, which was quite fruitful as I am very interested in research. I attended a seminar on qualitative research, as well as a Focus Group Discussion on Tuberculosis with national and international stakeholders, which was very informative. At BNMT’s central office, I was mostly working under resource mobilization team learning about writing reports, proof reading, and planning projects. I was involved in writing grant proposals as well. I learnt about developing concepts for proposal, planning out the project and about what made good contents. I also learnt about budget planning and how it is the most crucial aspect of a proposal. On a regular day, I would be part of the team and we would put our heads together exploring ideas on projects, scrutinizing over every aspect and discussing on them. These exercises always made me come out more knowledgeable at the end of the day.

The supportive and encouraging environment at BNMT always pushed me towards aiming higher. When the time came, as enthusiastic as I was about leaving BNMT to get started in a place where I would be able to utilize all the knowledge and skills I’d amassed during my internship there, I couldn’t help feeling mushy about it. I am extremely grateful to everyone at BNMT for providing me with such fond memories, the office staff who took their time to teach me every little and big things that helped me improve upon myself, the kitchen staff who were kind enough to cook for us everyday (they make the best milk tea I have ever had!), the security staff for always being around to help with anything,and the driving staff for taking us around for training, workshops and seminars. As I am in my current job, I have a lot to thank BNMT for equipping me with the knowledge and skills, which have helped me tremendously here.

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