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News & Events

Continued Psychosocial Support in Bhaktapur

After the devastating earthquake in Nepal followed by many aftershocks which claimed thousands of lives leaving many injured; individuals and families are suffering from both physical as well as mental anguish. BNMT is continuing its efforts on addressing post-traumatic stress disorder in this post- earthquake scenario.

On 18th May,2015 a team of counsellor from BNMT successfully conducted yet another pyschosocial counseling and support session for a cohort of women and young girls in the premise of Public Health Center, Chyamasingh, Bhaktapur. The main purpose of the counselling session was to provide a safe place for the individuals, families and the community to empower themselves to increase understanding of emotional and physical strength and to support them in finding their new life.

“Amidst the chaos, sometimes all you need is to share how you feel to collect yourself and move on.” Hence realizing the importance of mental health in building up resilience among affected individual BNMT continues to focus and prioritise psychosocial counseling as a part of its earthquake relief initiatives.

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