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News & Events

Follow up session on Psychosocial Counselling in Bhaktapur

Counselling is not a one-time event. It requires regular follow up so as to support and empower the counseled group to build up greater resilience after the disaster and attain a “new normal”. It also helps them to initiate self-spirited support to each other and the community.

On 25th May, a follow up psychosocial support session was done among previously counseled cohort of women in Public Health Center, Bhaktapur. 9 participants attended the follow up counselling session. Firstly the participants shared their experiences. It was notable that the participants were more open and exchanged their feelings and emotions even more willingly. They also shared how they have been feeling from previous counselling session and how it has helped them to move on with a positive note.

Secondly, different relaxation exercises and games were also conducted. The session was highly interactive and the participants showed a great inclination to learn basic psychosocial skills as well. At the end of the program, it was great pleasure to see happy faces with a determination to lead a new normal life and willingness to participate in these counselling sessions in days to come so that they can help themselves and their families and communities. They also showed their gratitude towards BNMT for their relentless effort in addressing such a critical issue in their neighbourhood after the massive disaster.

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