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News & Events

Rapid Assessment of Sanitation at camp sites, Bhaktapur

5th  and 6th  May 2015 – Rapid assessment of the water and sanitation situation of those who have lost their homes and were living at camp sites in Bhaktapur was done. The assessment showed that there were 200 individuals utilising 1 toilet facility in Tulachhen Ward No. 8 and 100 utilisting 1 public toilet in Talacho Ward. In many wards there were no toilets so people had been forced to use the open fields.

Open defecation and lack of access to clean drinking water is one of the major public health problems in post disaster situations. If not timely addressed it provides a favorable environment for disease outbreak.

BNMT will focus its activities to address water, sanitation and hygiene situation in the affected areas.

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