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Mr Mahesh Sharma

Mahesh Sharma has more than twenty five years of experience in programme development and management including policy development and policy analysis in the area of health, HIV/AIDS, TB (inducing National Strategy Application – GF), community development. He has written number of successful national proposals to Global Fund for HIV/AIDS and TB; prepared national HIV/AIDS strategy and budgeted work plans. He has worked with the Government, Save the Children (UK), BNMT, UNDP in Nepal and has taken HIV/AIDS related assignments in the region (Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, UNAIDS Regional support team at Bangkok). Has worked extensively in Global Fund related work particularly in CCM strengthening (Nepal, Solomon Islands) and CCM eligibility performance assessment (EPA). He has also carried out number of evaluations, assessments (including National AIDS Spending Assessment – NASA) and health programme reviews.

He is actively involved in various civil society organisations and has represented in national institutions in various capacity i.e. Board member in Govt, HIV/AIDS and STI Control Board (2008 – 2010), CCM technical subcommittee members (2005 – 2008) and member in oversight committee (Jan – July 2012) including technical review panel and peer reviewers, and BNMT/UK Board of Trustees (2006 – 2010).

He has authored/co-authored number of articles in national and international journals, made presentation at international conferences and seminar within country and outside.

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