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Dr Ruth Eyres and Dr Nicola Dearnley

Dr Ruth Eyres and Dr Nicola Dearnley

Dr Ruth Eyres and Dr Nicola Dearnley

Nicola and I are junior doctors who have completed two years of foundation training in the UK. Both of us are interested in international health and infectious disease so we decided to take a year out of training to gain experience in this. We were offered an internship in Nepal with BNMT Nepal through Dr Gillian Holdsworth as a chance to experience International Public Health and the role with infectious diseases, in particular Tuberculosis (TB). We have both travelled a great deal but neither of us had been to Nepal before so we jumped at this opportunity.  Whilst in Nepal, with the support of the BNMT team, we worked on finding novel ways to improve Tuberculosis case finding in Nepal. We then created brief concept ideas which could be put forward for funding from international donors. The experience was excellent and we have both learned a great deal. Thank you BNMT!

Working with BNMT has helped us understand how International Funding is applied in Nepal. It great to see all the hard work that is being done to eradicate Tuberculosis

Thank you for the opportunity to learn about International Public Health in Nepal, it was a very valuable experience to see the work first hand.

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