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SUSTAIN: Emergency Support and Sustenance
to Communities Affected by Crisis


The global coronavirus pandemic poses an extreme threat to a low-income country like Nepal. The government of Nepal responded early and imposed a nationwide lockdown on 24th March 2020 which has slowed the spread of coronavirus, but COVID-19 cases are now increasing rapidly in many areas of the country.

The lockdown has created financial difficulties for large segments of the population who have lost their livelihoods overnight.  Nepal’s frontline health workers are continuing to provide essential health services at great personal risk, with limited supplies of personal protective equipment and other essential support.  ‘Fake news’ and misinformation about unproven ‘cures’ and prevention of the virus continue to circulate widely, hampering efforts to control the virus. There is a need for clear, trustworthy, and accurate communication of essential information to support control measures and allow people to protect themselves and their families.

Project SUSTAIN is an initiative of BNMT Nepal funded by the BNMT UK and IMPACT TB to assist the government in fighting the pandemic through the following:

• support the most vulnerable families with access to food, basic sanitation materials and some essential medicines in coordination with district authorities;
• improve communication of information to rural communities via radio and posters and
• Procurement and supply of Procuring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for front-line health workers in the districts

Target Groups and Beneficiaries

Health care professionals, vulnerable groups including people with TB and their families

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Project Location

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